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Branding is Blocking Me

September 8, 2011


So maybe my title is a bit over-the-top and this side of emo.  You may have noticed (or not since this website and my twitter are fairly new) my posts have petered off and the site has been a bit dormant.  I’m not going to be lame and chalk it up to my issues with […]

Happy Hump Day – A Geeky Board Game

August 10, 2011


This past weekend, a fellow gaming buddy and my husband took a trip to Madness Games and picked up a very awesome board game. All I knew was they were going to shop for another game to add to our current board game collection. A collection that consists of mostly Hasbro games: Life, Clue (the Simpsons version), Trivial Pursuit, Yatzee, etc... But when they came home, I was in for a surprise. My not-so-inner geek practically squealed with delight.

Happy Hump Day – National Embrace Your Inner Geek Day

July 13, 2011


This is what awaited me this morning when I stumbled in the office: Clearly I’m not the only one in need of some coffee! I went to bed last night to the sounds of the upstairs neighbor clamoring about with heavy feet. There was a particular sound like he/she was dragging something across the floor. […]

I’m Still Fighting My WoW Addiction

July 5, 2011


Hope everyone had a fun, safe and happy Fourth!  This past weekend was pretty awesome despite all the continued efforts to settle in our new place (yes, even after a full week we’re still unpacking). Sunday eve, the household took a break from more cleaning and unpacking to spend partying at a friend’s house just […]

Monday Madness – Emo SWG RP’er Miffed

June 27, 2011


But for one girl, her weekend was tragically ruined upon the announcement that Star Wars Galaxies will be no more come December 15th. So strong was her reaction to this news, she felt the need to share it on YouTube:

The Launch Post

June 13, 2011


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