Lynn always treated writing as a past-time until she was forced to gather and pack all her stories and scribblings in one place.  What resulted was a super-sized box filled with physical evidence of Lynn’s obsession with the written word.  Lynn was always found with her nose deep in her favorite Science Fiction/Fantasy novel or writing one of her own.  Her writing spark was first ignited at age eight during the reading of her first epic fantasy.  She was extremely disappointed in the author who glossed over a romantic arc between two secondary characters and began scribbling her own rendition.  The resulting fan fiction tragically survives packed safely away never to see the light of day again.

San Antonio Texas Alamo

True fact: There's no basement in the Alamo

A native Texan, Lynn was born and raised in San Antonio and moved to Dallas upon her graduation from High School.  Lynn has a rather eclectic work history ranging from housekeeper, pet shop employee, alarm monitor, nutrition specialist to even volunteering at a crisis hotline.  She currently works as an Accounting Specialist, sidelines as a book reviewer, and is a recovering WoW addict.  She lives with her husband and mother-in-law, three cats who own the place, and a spunky Corgi/Chihuahua who thinks she’s the queen of them all.

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