Branding is Blocking Me

Posted on September 8, 2011


So maybe my title is a bit over-the-top and this side of emo.  You may have noticed (or not since this website and my twitter are fairly new) my posts have petered off and the site has been a bit dormant.  I’m not going to be lame and chalk it up to my issues with sleep depravity.  While it’s part of the reason, the other is I’m torn with what to post about.

When I originally created this site, it was under the intention of building a brand for myself.  Only, I didn’t want to build content around my writing.  To me that’s boring and would limit my reader base to other writers.  Which is not to say I don’t care for other writers; I do!  But I would find it more advantageous if I were to attract potential readers with similar interests, so my content needed to be customized for that purpose.

Here recently I had a job interview and I killed it.  Last year I pitched a book to an agent for the first time and earned a follow-up request.  So to say I lack in selling myself would be wrong.  Actually, sometimes it’s hard not to talk about how awesome I am.  Relax, I’m being snarky.  Okay, not really.  I am awesome.

Paradoxically, when it comes to posting here about subjects I find particularly geektastic and just my type of awesome, I froze.  I became self-conscious.  Who would care to read just how bad I bowled last weekend or how funny it was that I remembered almost all the good quotes from the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie?  Or how bloodthirsty my first-level halfling rogue turned out to be in our new Pathfinder, Kingmaker campaign.

And even though it doesn’t show due to the lack of posts, every day something would happen and I would think, “This may be a good topic to blog about.”  But my insecurity would rear it’s ugly head and slap me down.  Well, no more!

What’s the inciting incident that caused my change of heart?  Jaye Wells’ awesome blog post about writers block.  Obviously the content is targeted to writing books and not blog posts, but it spoke to me in both respects.  Because I haven’t written a word in either area.  And let me tell you, the weight of guilt and self-loathing upon my shoulders was borne for too long.

Oh and the content I’ll be writing about?  Let’s just say I’m not going to let all those endless blog posts about what aspiring writers should do chain me. Whatever inspires me to write about, I will write it.  Far too long I’ve let the opinions of other drag me down.

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