I’m Still Fighting My WoW Addiction

Posted on July 5, 2011


Hope everyone had a fun, safe and happy Fourth!  This past weekend was pretty awesome despite all the continued efforts to settle in our new place (yes, even after a full week we’re still unpacking).

Sunday eve, the household took a break from more cleaning and unpacking to spend partying at a friend’s house just down the road.  After a very fun game of Cranium, we all disbursed into smaller groups and chatted.

The group I was in began talking about World of Warcraft.  Four of us are recovering WoW addicts; all within relatively two years since playing.  The one person we were talking with who was still playing was telling us about the new expansion that came out since we all quit.  Because I’m a recovering addict, to keep myself from going back I’ve told myself repeatedly the new expansion (Cataclysm) destroyed everything I loved.

To my horror, what was said about the new changes didn’t sound as bad as I wanted to think.  The part of me (a very large part) I’ve been trying to kill was starting to resurrect itself.  The save came from my good friend and fellow recovering addict when she opened a dialogue about what we hated about the game and why we quit many times before.  Here are a few negative points we discussed:

  • Many failed attempts at finding a good small 18+ guild without the drama.
  • We girl gamers were always stigmata’d into never knowing how to play our characters correctly – especially as a Tank.
  • Death Knight Tanks
  • Expansions nullifying all the blood, sweat, and tears spent raiding for purple then-elite gear.
  • Every new major expansion (Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Litch King, Cataclysm) has taken a huge stinking dump on raiders.
  • Barrens Chat (particularly the Chuck Norris jokes)*
  • Farming for mats to support various skills.
  • The general time sync that goes into any aspect of the game; beit the level grind, farming, raiding, asshat PuG groups, etc…
  • Parents who ignore the Teen rating**

Yet despite all of the above, that not-so-little piece of me that craves the Warcrack refuses to die. And that’s because the list of all the awesome fun stuff about the game is way longer than the one above. :\

This is not to say WoW is always addicting.  If you have a modicum of self-control and can manage a healthy balance between playing and living, then by all means, enjoy the game.  As a player who really, really enjoys the raiding aspect of the game, it is very hard to step away and not get caught up in the fun of finding that great group of core players and blow through everything like the pros we are.

So this is me continuing the fight to keep away from what I’m still longing to play even after two years.

*Admittedly, the Chuck Norris discussions in Barrens Chats these days are a source of hilarity and nostalgia; a different story altogether during the time.

**It’s my strong belief one should be 18 or older to play for many reasons that are too long to list.

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