Monday Madness – Emo SWG RP’er Miffed

Posted on June 27, 2011


This weekend was filled with lots of hauling of boxes, putting together new furniture, hanging curtains, and cleaning; lots and lots of cleaning.  That’s right, I just went through a move.  I’m glad to say we are fully moved out if not completely unpacked.  Hence the reason for the lack of activity last week.  So while I may not be at a 100% yet, I’m glad for no more moving in the sweltering heat here in Texas.

But for one girl, her life weekend was tragically ruined upon the announcement that Star Wars Galaxies will be no more come December 15th.  So strong was her reaction to this news, she felt the need to share it on YouTube:

The above is pretty hard to watch.  I spent the whole four minutes and fifty-five seconds cringing.  My first reaction was to point and laugh.  But then I grew horrified after my sensibilities kicked in.  Here’s a girl (and I say girl even though the math leads to her being twenty-one) who’s been playing at an influential age of fifteen.  People, that’s young for a kid to be playing on an MMORPG.

So not only do we have a girl who’s been playing an MMORPG “off and on” for six years, she’s obviously grown attached to her online persona in a RolePlay environment (server) where she considers “her as an extension of” herself.  That can’t be healthy.

Let’s discuss. What’s your reaction to the above emo fest?

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