The Launch Post

Posted on June 13, 2011


So this is it, my first post on my new website.  Very exciting!

You may be wondering, “Who is Lynn Drake?” or “What’s this about ‘Writer in Disguise?” or even, “Why should I care?”

  • Who I am is easily answerable on my About page, but I’ll sum it up here by simply stating this:  I’m a writer who is also a geek, gamer, bowler, crafter, ex/wannabe band nerd, baton twirler, and a whole lot more.  I grew up in the late eighties, and was a teen in the early to mid-nineties. Fresh Prince was my show of choice and Enigma’s ‘Return to Innocence’ will always warrant a drop in whatever I’m doing to listen, enjoy and remember.
  • Writer in Disguise is a sort of inside joke between me and myself because I feel I lead two lives.  By day, I work full time inside a cubical in business attire as an Accounting Specialist; devoting much of my anal retentive brain towards menial tasks such as ticking and tying the daily books.  But when the 5 o’clock bell rings, I let loose my artistic side in which I indulge the more creative activities of writing, reading, reviewing, and gaming.
  • Why should you care?  Because I’m just as weird and goofy as you may be and I tend to see things in a unique light.  Yes there are multitudes of other writing blogs out there that talk about the craft just as I will here.  But what I have to offer is a fun look at the writing craft from a gamer’s point of view.  What makes gaming so unique is how much it parallels the creative process of writing.  In the world of gaming, a player creates their character on a piece of paper and ‘acts’ them out in a forum with other players.  (There will be more on this process later.)
  • Another reason why you should care is my own involvement in the local book clubs and events in this area.  I’m a speculative fiction nut stuck in a world of Romance Writers and Book Enthusiasts.  I love romance just as much as the girl next to me, yet my writing tends to go down a darker path in exploring death and destruction. Here’s me, the writer of dark things attending book conferences, clubs, and events revolving around books with happy endings.

I invite you to stay and explore with me the reasons I am a walking contradiction.  Subscribe to my blog to receive my weekly wacky posts revolving around topics appealing to both readers and writers alike.

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